Innoo Tech Window Vacuum Cleaner
Innoo Tech Window Vacuum Cleaner
Innoo Tech Window Vacuum Cleaner
Innoo Tech Window Vacuum Cleaner

Innoo Tech Window Vacuum Cleaner

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The Innoo Tech Promise – Faster, Cleaner, Quicker and More Convenient.
Wireless – Built-in rechargeable battery for wireless use. Faster and more convenient.
Efficient – Removes dust, water drops and streaks from glass surfaces. Perfect for cleaning windows, shower cubicles, coffee tables, car windows and windshields etc.
Water Tank – The handle features a 180ml water tank that allows dirty water to be automatically filtered and recycled, saving time, energy and water.
The first brand on Amazon to offer 2 free Microfiber wipes with this product. Easily and quickly take excellent care of your windows and other glass surfaces!

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The days of using a cloth to clean your glass surfaces are over!

Innoo Tech presents a new vacuum glass cleaner that can effectively remove dirt, grime and water from any glass surface. Whether you’re cleaning windows, mirrors, shower screens, countertops or even car windshields, the device will provide excellent cleaning and remove waste water leaving the surface sparkling!

Window Vacuum Cleaner has four clear advantages:

★Convenience – The device is totally wireless so you can use it anywhere!
★Easy to Use – Just push the button to clean any type of windows, doors, bathroom surfaces etc.
★Rechargeable – The built-in rechargeable battery can be charged in less than 3 hours and will provide enough power to fulfill all your cleaning needs.
★Microfiber Wipes – The product comes with two free microfiber wipes!
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