Fidget Spinner | Innoo Tech Hands Spinner Figit Spinner | Red Coppers | Spin 5-7 Minutes

Fidget Spinner | Innoo Tech Hands Spinner Figit Spinner | Red Coppers | Spin 5-7 Minutes

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Brand: Innoo Tech

Color: Rose Copper


  • Long Spin Time - Use High Speed Stainless Steel Bearing to make sure you have high product experience, keep good balance and keep stable bearing center. For each test, our fidget spinner can spin 5-7 minuses. We believe you can spin more than 7 minuses, just use your genius to play with it!
  • Multifunctional Fidget Spinner - With this little and easy playing toy, you can get the anxiety run away! Just use one simple toy, let you own relaxation, help you stress relief and smoking cessation, make you alleviation of anger and anxiety.
  • Removal Parts Design - Easily disassemble & assemble by yourself. Not like other fidget spinner, you can enjoy fun in assembling and disassembling. What's more, get rid of pressure and kiiling the time during this procession.
  • Smooth Feeling and Gorgeous Red Copper Appearance - Made of high qulity red copper, rather than other cheap materials, red copper looks more beautiful and luxury, it is more hardness, shockproof, durable and brings you smooth feeling. Round corner design can protect your fingers from hurting.
  • Stable Triangle Whirlwind Design - Because of the stable internal construction, it can even spin on a pen. What's more, your fingers, your nose, your knees... Just use your genius to challege different play way, be a explorer through the fidget spinner!

Publisher: Innoo Tech


Do you have these symptoms?
Biting nails、Depressed、Distracting attention

Fidget Spinner:Help you get rid of irritable mood

According to psychiatrists,gyro swivel is helpful for ADD and ADHD

ADD, ADHD are terrible things in our life, does you still confused by these two things?
Don't worried, here comes the Savior- Fidget Spinner!
Play with it, spin it when you are boring, anxious,or need to be focus on something, get stress out of your life,our toy does not only our phone!

Product Functions:
Material: Red Copper
Model No.:IN9-A001
Product Weight: 105g
Spinning Time: 5-7 Minutes(Test Standard:Start spinning until totally stopping)
Uses: Relaxation, Stress Relief, Smoking Cessation, Alleviation of ADHD, OCD and Anxiety.

How to use it?
Simply hold this spinner in one hand then use your other hand to spin it rapidly using small continuous strikes to keep it spinning indefinitely.
Take a little bit of practice to get some decent action going, with your practice you'll be thrilled by the fast, length spins from your potentiality.

If you would love to encourage your kid to play with more traditional toys to spark his imagination or concentrate
on one things to rather then letting him play on the tablet or watch TV all day,this is a really lovely versatile toy that help you and your kds kill time and improve concentration.

It can be take apart and be care of the small piece for your kids to avoid CHOKING HAZARD

So, what are you waiting for??? Click the Add to Cart button to ORDER it for your lovely child NOW!

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Package Dimensions: 4.1 x 3.4 x 0.6 inches