Innoo Tech Digital Infrared Thermometer Forehead Baby Thermometer

Innoo Tech Digital Infrared Thermometer Forehead Baby Thermometer

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Bring the power of professional temperature measurement technology into your home. When they are unwell, you need to know their exact temperature to decide what to do instead of guess at the temperature of your baby or young child. Innoo Tech thermometer give you a precise healthy, non-contact measurement reading in only one second whether your baby and children are sleeping or not. Non-contact technology also avoid germs transfer!

30 readings memory recall by continuously pressing the “Scan” button at off status.Measures in Fahrenheit and Celsius(Press the device at off status in 5s to change).

Alarm when temperature exceeds 99.5 °F (37.5°C). Measuring Rang: Body mode: 89.6 °F - 109.2 °F (32.0°C-42.9°C) ; Object mode: 32.0°F - 104.0°F (0°C-100°C)

Comes with 2X AAA batteries that will last thousands of readings.

Caution !
The thermometer sensor is extremely sensitive. Please make sure that there is nothing between the thermometer probe lens and your forehead, including your hair. Any dirt and/or oil will prevent an accurate measurement. Check and clean the sensor regularly. The surface should be reflective and gleaming. If it is dull and lackluster, please clean the sensor with a q-tip cotton swabs (preferably soaked with alcohol) and measure after 15 minutes.

To read a more accurate temperature, please keep a close rang of 1-2 inch between the Probe Lens and Forehead(middle of your forehead). For multiple measurement, please wait one minute each time for date zeroed.

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